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first post

Hey, I’m really new here – I have a client (artist) that I’m doing a new portfolio for. I’m using Flash MX 2004. I’ve always been much more of a design geek than a code geek but I’m trying to keep the file size down on this.

The mockup is viewable here: http://www.penndraann.com/images/mockup.gif

The basic idea is this:

The dragonfly needs to fly in and follow a path stopping along the way to deposit the jewels (which will be the navigation) and then it will come to rest where it is now.

I know how to move something along an x or a y axis, but I don’t know how to rotate it and make it point to the new destination.

I would like its wing beats to slow as it hovers, depositing its jewels. Right now the wings are separate graphics from the body – I can change them into individual movie clips to get the beats to speed or slow if necessary.

I can have the jewel graphics placed on screen with the alpha set to 0% - I just need some code to let it understand that when the dragonfly has reached that area, the alpha should increase to 100% and to leave it at 100% when the dragonfly has moved on.

Is any of this making sense?

I know there are tutorials out there that can help me figure out how to do this – but to be honest – I’m really just looking for someone up to the challenge of coding it for me.

Even if it is just a sample ActionScript of an arrow moving around a screen (rotating and pointing in the direction it’s going) stopping and allowing a circle to appear beneath it while it stops.

Replies can be sent offline to shadowgypsie@shadowgypsie.com

Thank you.

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