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flashfaq's Journal

Flash F.A.Q.
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Hello, fellow SWF enthusiuasts!

My name is mrfurious and I dunno JACK about FLASH. I can create wee retarded animated gifs and do some stuff with alphas, but that's about it.

This community is designed to be a help forum, in the hopes that those who know what's up with our favorite vector-based graphics program can lend a hand to us newbies...so that we can all create badass FLASH like THIS.

So go ahead, join up...if you're a FLASH Fucktard like moi, maybe someone can give you a hand in an area you're stuck on...and if you're a veteran, you can help us out and achieve guru status.

Join! Join! If you are reading this and DON'T join right away, you are nothing but a hot baloney fart and I hope you fall off a cliff or something.